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Experience freedom from wires and restricted mobility of hotspots. Blue Web presents best Wireless Broadband Service that lets you stay connected wherever you are!

Frequently Asked Questions


How does this access method compare to Cable?
It is faster than Cable access, capable of full T1 speeds in both directions.
Easier to upgrade.
Does not rely on a wiring system with many potential points of failure.
Not as proprietary.
Does not require a basic service package to obtain.
Is available in many places where Cable data has not arrived and isn't likely to.



 Is it reliable?
Blue Web's wireless access is very reliable, it utilizes fixed wireless technology,
so the Internet is always "on" for you. That means no more waiting for the modem
to connect and no more disconnects because of noise in the phone line. Because
you're not using a phone line to connect to the Internet, you will not have to clear
the line so that others can use the phone.