Welcome to Blue Web!

We are an emerging organization backed by ISP, Wireless and Networking industry experts, intending to provide enterprise class networking and wireless solutions and with a firm objective to provide not just products but end to end deployment solutions and parallel support for various business verticals.


Recall those times when you were on the move but unable to stay connected. With Wi5 you can stay connected even on the move. Browse and email in the. And that's not all, our coverage will not be limited to the big cities, but will extend into tier 2 and tier 3 towns as well.


 Wireless networks can also be symmetrical, meaning the same rate in both directions (TX and RX), which is most commonly associated with fixed wireless networks..



BlueWeb access is restricted and well protected. Registered users first login to the BlueWeb website that automatically recognizes the owner's network address and account information. The in-built web tools are protected with a login screen so that only the rightful owners use it.

Features Overview

Business Broadband Internet provides high speed, and reliable Internet Access allowing you to deliver business critical communications over the Internet. From simply sending and receiving email, to sourcing information, to conducting transactions online, your business needs to have a high quality, always on connection. And to achieve such quality of service we have dedicated departments. Corporate Solutions Blue Web core business is the provision of Internet access and other connectivity services to corporate clients

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  • Hi-Speed
  • Hi-Affordability
  • Hi-Convenience
  • Hi-Mobility
  • Hi-Security


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