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Campus / HotSpot - Wi-Fi Access


What is Campus / HotSpot Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is a system where in Colleges, Locality, Campus, Offices, Café, Hotels, Residential
and Business establishment are made wire free. Users or clients can connect PDA/Laptop or
PC with wireless support or use a wireless adapter in their non-wireless supporting PC or laptop
to access Internet or Local network without the need to connect cables across the campus.

Users can also access the Internet or LAN while in move (Roaming) within the connected
area. This system ensures a complete freedom to access from anywhere. This system is highly
efficient and convenient, using a secured login the user can access data and resource
permissible to their capacity. 
Features & Applications

1. 100% Wire free Internet and data access across the campus.
2. Connects non Wi-Fi devices using wireless USB adapters.
3. 100% Secured and managed network.
4. Self healing multi mesh network.
5. QOS, Firewall, VLAN, VPN, Policy Routing, etc.,
6. User activation and deactivation fully controlled by administrator.
7. Administrator has complete control and manageability of the entire network.
Usage can be controlled based on the following parameters
Time : The usage of Individual users can be restricted based on time.
Speed : Each user can be controlled at specific speed, the speed can even be controlled at
different time intervals.

Traffic : The usage can be controlled based on Data transfer. The administrator can
limit the user based on certain traffic, for instance limiting user to 1GB data transfer.

Service : The administrator can restrict individual user based on certain service or port,
for instance FTP access can be blocked to a single or group of users, chat
access can be prevented, download access or any other services can be blocked.

Adult content filtering : The administrator can block adult or unwanted website to users,
based on keywords or URL address.