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Live Video Online (LVO)


 Live Video Online (LVO)


Live Video Online (LVO)
What is Live Video Online (LVO)

Live Video online is a innovative concept in Guntur where we broadcast live audio and video
of any occasion such as marriages, conferences, meets and other events that the user wants to
be made available on the Internet for their friends, family or clients to view. The audio
and video is broadcasted live from any location through the Internet.
Multiple users can watch the video over Internet using IE or any standard web browser
with relevant login and password. The video quality will be full screen with zero frame loss, remote
user can even record the event on their PC. Two way audio and video conference based
on user applications can be organised within Guntur.
How does it work
Professional Cameras with Night Vision and Mic are installed at the event.
Multiple cameras can also be installed to view multiple locations of the event.
High speed wireless Internet connectivity is established at the event location.
The cameras are connected to the Internet and an IP address is provided.
Using Internet Explorer or any standard web browser the event can be viewed and
recorded in full screen, users can even take still images.
Multiple users can view the event at the same time.
If required users can even rotate, zoom and tilt the cameras remotely.

Features & Applications

Live Audio and Video on Internet.
Crystal clear full screen video quality.
Can broadcast video of any occasion.
Multiple users can view at the same time.
Remote video recording is possible.
No additional software required.