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Point - Point / Multi Point WiFi Link


Point to Point / Multi Point Wireless Link

The Interconnectivity established between two or more distant locations (WAN) on wireless Radio Frequency.
How does it work
Outdoor Wireless Bridge or Access point Radio is used, which converts Ethernet network into radio frequency wave on the one end and transmits them to the remote end, where the Wireless Bridge or Client which receives and converts them back to Ethernet network. Each radio can act as both transmitter and receiver. Antennas are also used along with this radio to increase the power of the radio so that the radio transmits and receives data over longer distance and at a higher data rate.
A wireless point to point / Multi Pont link can bridge two or more separate Ethernet network into one larger network or can even perform special function like route networks, based on user requirement.

FFeatures & Applications
Share Data and resource.
Manage data centrally and effectively.
Share applications commonly.
Better control and optimization of resource.
Share common services like Internet and Voice.
Manage and control devices like CCTV cameras, Attendance and control devices centrally.
Access to reports and critical data at any point.
Must for Implementation of services like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).