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Internet (Distribution System)

Blue Web has strategic tie-up with these operators to market,
deploy and maintain Internet and other services to our clients.


HotSpot - WiFi Access  


What is Campus / HotSpot Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is a system wherein Colleges, Locality, Campus, Offices, Café, Hotels, Residential
and Business establishment are made wire free. Users or clients can connect PDA/Laptop or
PC with wireless support or use a wireless adapter in their non-wireless supporting PC or laptop
to access Internet or Local network without the need to connect cables across the campus.


Point - Point / Multi Point WiFi Link A wireless point to point / Multi Pont link can bridge two or more separate Ethernet network
into one larger network or can even perform special function like route networks,
 based on user requirement.
IP Based CCD Camera


What is an IP Based CCD Camera
IP CCD (charge-coupled device) cameras are 520TVL digital CCTV Based Surveillance Cameras with TCP/IP Networking capabilities and H.264 Compression for lower transfer speed.
Live Video Online (LVO)


Live Video Online (LVO)
What is Live Video Online (LVO)

Live Video online is a innovative concept in Guntur where we broadcast live audio and video
of any occasion such as marriages, conferences, meets and other events